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    Filemaker Executable License


      FileMaker Pro is such a great development environment, yet we cannot develop executable code to use in a network environment.  It would be nice if we could purchase a runtime license to distribute the executables (with network support). I have been told that FileMaker sees this as a threat to their regular FileMaker licenses. I believe that this could create a completely new revenue stream for FileMaker.




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          I raised this at DevCon with FileMaker staff.


          If there was a case for any group to be able to access a FMR (FileMaker Runtime) with Networking and PDF capabilities, it would be the SBA deveopers.


          It would certainly make deployment and licensing a lot simpler for us!

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            For many years people have been asking for this.


            Seems to me though, that since the release of FMGo, there seems to be little need to have this in runtime. Yes, I realise that iOS can't provide all the same feature set as full desktop, and yes, I know that not everyone has an iPhone/iPad....


            yet for the most part, it is essentially the thin client we've been asking for for many years... and I now have clients who are spending less money on computers and more on development, since moving to iPads and FMGo.


            FMGo It has charting, networking, pdf and more... it costs nothing and can run on a sub $1000 device which can access the internet from almost anywhere.


            If you where to provide a 'thin' filemaker pro for Win/Mac, what price point would it be..? A cheap PC may cost less than $1000, but if you are providing a thin client to run on it, then support costs go up, as there are thousands of support issues... so the price per unit would need to allow for such issues.


            Besides, filemaker are a subsiduary of Apple, so having a product that helps sell more Apple product does not hurt ;-)


            I would be happy if a runtime would provide charting and pdf, that would be a great start, it erks me that this can be done on FMGo and not runtime.

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              I can only promote this - started a similar thread



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                PeterWindle wrote:


                Besides, filemaker are a subsiduary of Apple, so having a product that helps sell more Apple product does not hurt ;-)


                From an overall business perspective, the majority of FM users are on Windows machines. So while it can help Apple, it does hurt FM.


                I don't think a "thin client" per se is the answer, FM Go on the desktop isn't actually all that appealing.  But a FileMaker Lite, with everything FM Pro has except the ability to edit layouts, scripts, tables, etc.  Just runs the file.  For a $150 Full price point and a $99 Upgrade, could potentially bring in a ton more volume.


                For an example ( using a rough VLA pricing ):

                An office with 25 users.

                Pro @ $158 upgrade = $3,950

                Lite @ $88 upgrade = $2,200


                I don't know about anyone else, but if I can charge a client $1,750 less to upgrade, it's a much easier sell, and keep them loyal to FM.  Instead of looking elsewhere to redevelop in a different technology.


                Pro @ $263 Full = $6,575

                Lite @ $132 Full = $3,300


                And for new clients, a rough $3k lower entry point is a much easier sell.  This opens up the possibility to selling to a host of small businesses that are right at the line of rebuilding an existing ( or non-existing ) system.  It also helps the developer community.


                For arguments sake, lets say a price drop can double sales ( and that's not unheard of in software and technology ):

                If FMI only sold 1 million upgrades of Pro = $179,000,000.

                But they could potentially sell 2 million upgrades of Lite = $198,000,000.


                And sales of Lite could be a stepping stone for someone to upgrade to Pro, because they like FM so much, they want to tweak and custom build some of their own stuff.

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                  Don´t forget the people that start with a runtime solution and now don´t work alone anymore. They need a second or third seat for their solution. If the runtime solution was 500 Euros, they would expect a price of let´s say 900 Euros for two seats or 1200 Euros for three seats. Instead they only get FileMaker licenses for that price and no solution at all.


                  Even worse if the runtime solution was cheaper. Let´s say 99 Euros. Then people will think the second and third seat couldn´t be more than 99 each. Instead they are told, that they have to pay 1200 Euros for something called FileMaker, which a) they don´t know, b) they don´t want and c) they probably will never need, because they were happy with their runtime solution. Only thing missing was the second and third seat.


                  Here we and in the end Filemaker are loosing tons of businesses. People just run away and buy something different where networking and more seats are not so ridiculously expensive.

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                    I've asked about a full desktop runtime in the light of FMGo.


                    FMGo = FileMaker Runtime for iOS.


                    Includes networking and PDF generation capability. Costs nothing. Drives hardware sales.


                    In this context, a request for a desktop runtime that attracts a license fee may seem less unpaletable from a business perspective than it did pre-Go.


                    My query is coming from an ease-of-depolyment perspective rather than one of cost.

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                      Drives hardware sales?  FMI doesn't do hardware, so I don't see that being an option, at all.


                      As for the PDF generation...I think at the moment they are locked in with Adobe's agreement and license restrictions.  I believe they write the code that does it, and the agreement doesn't extend beyond licensed copies of FileMaker.  But that doesn't mean it can't or won't change in the future.  In the meantime, there are a number of PDF drivers that let you do the same thing, and for free.

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                        There are a number of pdf drivers, but for Windows only. Because the mac pdf is built in, there are no pdf 'drivers', which is what is needed for FileMaker script to call upon.


                        I have actually found a CUPS pdf driver that supposed to work, but it was problematic.

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                          Gotcha.  You are referring to automating the printing process through a script.  Sorry, I was thinking about users selecting the printing options and selecting the PDF option manually.

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                            I hope enough people will bring this up to the folks at FileMaker that they will consider the option.  Maybe they could include a "powered by FileMaker" brand so they could realize the benefit of subliminal marketing across thousands of run-time users.




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                              I actually think this is already part of the Splash screen when a runtime opens.

                              fred@kca-inc.com wrote:


                              Maybe they could include a "powered by FileMaker" brand...