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Duplicate values being omitted in Value List in FM12, worked in FM11

Question asked by PalmDBS on Sep 24, 2012

I have a dynamic value list that uses values from first field "value" (sample value 184) and also shows values from second field "value display" (unique values, sample value "00234 - BHE - Administrative")


In this particular case, the "value" is a category ID in a mysql database, and the "value display" is a unique number, site reference, and category name. This second value is used to select the category ID. The data is pushed to different mysql tables (for each site) that have overlapping category IDs (184 on BHE might be Administrative, while 184 on HHE might be Accounting).


So, botom line is that the same "value" can exists multiple times, though the "value display" field differs and is unique.


What is happening is that only the fist unique "value" will display, the next time 184, in this instance, is the value, the row is not shown in the value list. I saw in some other forums that duplicates on the sort field would be removed, as sorting requires indexing. Those forums were also talking about FM11, and my Value list is sort on the second field "value display" my solution works in 11. Only the conversion to 12 brought upon these dissapearing value list items.


Is this expected behavior? What is the best way to get around this? Since the value list is sorted on a field that is definitely unique (combination of record number and two other fields), shouldn't all records show, regardless of if the value is a duplicate?