iTunes compatible podcasts and a consistent naming convention

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Sep 24, 2012

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One of the challenges that FileMaker developers face is keeping up with the flood of information. As the breath of the product has increased the number of webinars and white papers published by FileMaker, Inc. has also increased. 


This content is useful and appreciated. That said, we are faced with the challenge of how to efficiently consume, archive and reference content.


iTunes (iPad) compatible podcasts are a great distribution methodology.  I’ve even established a workflow for trans-coding videos that arrive in WebEx format into a format that I can host on our internal podcast channel.


iTunes compatible podcasts offer the following advantages


* associated metadata: date publication, duration, author, show notes, etc.

* iTunes compatible video formats are also "scrub-able"

* videos can be "bookmarked" using AppleScript automation. For example, when  you come across a section of video you want to reference later, you can run an AppleScript that captures the podcast name, track and bookmark time.


The advantages that I have been able to gain from this workflow would be multiplied hundreds or thousands of times (the number of developers who have iTunes, and particularly if they have AppleScript) if this packaging was done at the point of distribution.


The white papers would even more useful if there was a consistent naming convention. The naming convention that I use includes:


* date string (YYYY-MM-DD)

* version number

* human readable portion describing the content

* in some cases a unique serial number (for example a DevCon session code)


To make it easier to reference the DevCon files, I programmatically generate folders named to convention as above, from the DevCon2Go12.fmp12 data. 


A new and major source of content published by FileMaker, Inc. is/are the (soon to be released?) DevCon videos. It would be great if these came in podcast format. It is my understanding and experience that podcasts can be password-protected.


I would be interested in seeing any of the DevCon videos that are ready, rather then waiting until they are all ready.





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