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Simple merge using one substitute calculation on numerous field repetitions

Question asked by GregW on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by GregW

FM12 - OSX10.8.2


I have 2 fields:


1. TEMPLATE (Text repeating field)

2. LETTER (Calculation repeating field)


Test calculation in LETTER is:



["<<FirstName>>"; "Bill"];

["<<FamilyName>>"; "Jones"] )


I am trying to get each repetition of the LETTER calculation to act on the corresponding repetition of the TEMPLATE text field using the one Substitute function. It works for the first repetition of TEMPLATE or any repetition if I manually add the corresponding repetition number (e.g. Substitute(Template[3]; etc) to the LETTER calculation.


I've tried various approaches including trying to use the Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) function to grab the repetition number and dynamically apply it, but nothing seems to work. Easy solution is to have separate LETTER calculations for each repetition of the TEMPLATE text field.


Any advice on how I can use the one substitute function across the repeating fields (or any other solution) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.