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    Linea Pro and iLinea FMG


      Is anyone using or decided to discontinue using the Linea Pro Scanner add-on along with FilemakerGO and the iLinea FMG software? I have wanted to purchase the Linea scanners since seeing them used at the Apple Store, but was told by them that any integration had to be programmed as they didn't offer any software that was compatible with FMG. Today I checked again and found the iLinea FMG software.


      I have tried using CNS Barcode, but for scanning large amounts of product in and out of inventory it was not robust or quick enough.


      Please let me know of your experiences and recommendations.





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          I haven't used iLinea FMG, but I wont let a silly little thing like that hold me back from talking about it. I presume that the Linea Pro's dedicated scanning hardware might be faster than CNS Barcode at reading a barcode (it certainly supports more symbologies!). After that, the performance bottleneck becomes the app switching that happens as iLinea FMG and FileMaker Go throw URLs at each other — I don't imagine this is any better than with CNS Barcode. A Bluetooth scanner is the only way I know to remove that bottleneck. A Bluetooth scanner can also be used with both older and newer iDevices, regardless of dock connector or device dimensions, so the scanner hardware investment will last longer, though it isn't as slick.

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            Hello and thanks for the speedy reply jbante! 


            My issue is that the users will need to interact with the screen and database and not simply scan.  They need to be able to see that what they scan is correct (Proper inventory policies should take care of this, I know.  But I am limited by reality ) Also, they need to update the order with the alternate SKU they actually pick so I would rather do it on the fly.  This combined with being able to effectively scan and interact with the screen as one-handedly as possible without fumbling around too much was what I was looking for.  When I tried to do this with CNS it was a pain, but the actual pass back bottleneck although annoying was secondary to the scan performance, it's way too touchy.

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              On another course does anybody know where I can find a manual for Linea FMG?