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Fmkr generated html voting email, response not working w Outlook

Question asked by longjohn on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by longjohn

Fmkr 12 generates an html email with radio buttons for one of 3 responses Accept, Reject, Uncertain plus a field for remarks and a link to a pdf document for the details, a reply to address and finally a SUBMIT button.


Responses generated by Mac users are as expected with the reply email body showing vote:=accept;remarks:=what ever which is parsed by FMkr to update the database hosted on FMkr Server.


No reply is generated when the Outlook user clicks submit. It seems the response may be being handled by IIS.


Is there a better way for the voting to be generated. Not all voters have a copy of FMkr. Using email means that voters dont have to open another application.


Note: This goes to people who have previously used a manual system and relied on the Outlook voting system however lack of API's means Fmkr cannot trigger this system.