Kind of FM GO for the desktop operating system

Discussion created by intex on Sep 25, 2012
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We definetely need kind of Filemaker GO for the desktop when you take the following arguments into consideration:


- FM GO is, what most pure users like secretaries, case handlers, workers etc. need. Not everybody wants to create databases, not everybody wants to change given databases. To the contrary companies want their employees doing their work and not playing around with possibilities of something. Plus - although FileMaker is proud to be a desktop database for the average user - most people wouldn´t be able to create or change a database. Probably they don´t even want to.

- FM GO costs nothing and can connect to a FileMaker PRO hosted database or to a server. Why the hell does the same for the desktop cost 400.- Euros per seat ? You can´t explain that to those, who just want to use a database solution (see first point)

- Runtimes cost nothing, but they can´t connect to a server. Why, when the costless FM GO can do that ? This is nothing you can explain to anybody. It tends to be cheaper buying an iPad and using FileMaker from there than buying the desktop software. This is ridiculous.

- Networking on the desktop is just too expensive. Take a 99.- Euro solution based on the runtime. It can be used  as single user or by multiple users (not simultaneously, installed on a NAS). It can be used on iOS devices too. If you want to use the same solution let´s say on three desktop seats simultaneously, it gets 1200.- Euros more expensive just for FileMaker creating no obvious other benefit for the customer. For what with regard to the people mentioned in the first point ? These people want the solution, not FileMaker. In the end, they don´t buy anything, not from us and not from FileMaker, since these potential customers just think we are going crazy when it comes to networking. FileMaker is loosing these startup customers too.

- Bento is networkable. This small, cheap solution can do, what isn´t possible for the big brother without handing out thousands of Euros. It is just head shaking.




a) a networkable runtime (able to connect to a FM PRO or Server), perhaps the Advanced version could be more expensive for that. This would dramatically cut the cost in the first place and keep people thinking about a FileMaker based solution. Today they are running away.


b) a FM GO or FM Starter or whatever named version of FileMaker without layoutmode and database creation commands for the desktop costing only a little percentage of the fullblown product .