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FileMaker Advanced 11 and FileMaker Advanced 12

Question asked by MartinCrosman on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by beverly

Can you have both of these open at the same time?


What happening here


On a Mac OS 10.7.4 Filemaker Advance 11 and FileMaker Advanced 12.2.


When I open FileMaker Advanced 11 I get the spinning beach ball for a few seconds (never did before trying to open 12 with 11 open). File Opens.

Then open FileMaker Advanced 12. I get Error message FileMaker Pro cannot start Instant Web Publishing because FileMaker Server or another instance of FileMaker Pro is running on this machine. I take it that is because I already have FileMaker Advanced 11 open.

FileMaker Advanced 12 opens.

In some instances when I open a file when I go to Manage ... everything is dimmed, as well as view menu .

I close both applications down


If I then open FileMaker Advanced 12. Sometimes there is delay when I get to the Open New or Existing dialogue box and I can not select a file. Wait 5 seconds and I then can.

Open FileMaker Advanced 11 and I get spinning beach ball for 10 seconds and then I can select a file to open.

I don't get effor message.


At the end of the day I have both 11 and 12 open.


Is it OK to work on the files in FileMaker Advanced 12 despite the Error message?


Anyone finding it takes 10 to 15 second before you can select and open a file in FileMaker Advanced 12?


Anyone else getting the files open but then finding the Manage, Scriptmaker etc are dimmed out? Just to reiterate I can cloase FileMaker Advance 12 and relaunch it and then these are available for the same file?


Any ideas how to fix this? delete a preference file? Reinstall FileMaker Advanced 12?