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Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 24, 2012
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Most of my Filemaker time is spent searching for a relationship in the infamous Relationship Graph


1 . We need powerfull search tool :


- Find TOs whose names whose name contains / starts with, is, end with "whatever"

- Find TOs which involve base tables mydb and / or mydb2

- Find TOs which involve base table file myfile and / or myfile2

- Find Relationships where a matching field whose name contains / starts with, is, end with "whatever" is used

- Find Relationship where allow create / Delete  record is checked

- Find Relationship which is sorted on field whatever ascending, or descending

- Find by creation or modification date


- Find by TO comment (see n°9)


of course all of those can be combined


The display of the search result could be as a list of TO which will display in a drop down (hence searchable), menu with the line


TO name | filename | basetable name at least and perhaps | sorted / not sorted | create or not | delete or not


selecting the line would jump instantly to that TO.


Also, the search could mask all the non related TO of the found TOs, with the matching TOs highlighted (and hence available to manipulation : coloring, resizing )


Or, there could be a search window where the results would be displayed as a list view



2.  We need to be able to duplicate a relationship (that means with the matching fields set, sort/deletes/create checboxes set)


Right clicking on a relationship would allow to duplicate the relationship : submenu would make us chose the TO to be duplicated.

It's very frustrating and error prone to have to reset a complex relationship with many matching fileds just to change one aspect of it.


3. Reordering matching field declaration order.


Of course the matching field order shoulnt be important because filemaker should optimize it itself, see my Speed post. But in the meantime… let us reorder the matching fields.


4. Collapse all, expand all, display matching field only all TO boxes.


When you select many TO, you can only TOGGLE the TO Boxes display. We need a way to expand them all, minimize them all, or make them all inly display the matching fields. I've hundreds of TO in different display mode for years, I'd really like to be able to force them all to only display the matching fields.


5. XML cut and Paste of relationships.


That would be a major feature, because we'd be able to migrate solution much more easylly and automate some Relationship creation.


6. Sorted, Create, delete tags


Relationships should be tagged with Sorted, Create, delete symbols, so in one glance without opening the Relatioship we'd know.


7. Jump to right or jump to left TOs


Right clicking a relationship should display a jump to left, jump to right TO to be teleportef to the Right, or left TO box.


8. Adding some space to the left or to the top, should be possible as it is to the left or to the bottom.


If you want to put a TO above left than your topmost and left most TO, you've to select all your TO and move them to the left and bottom to be able to reclaim some space left / top.


9. TO Comments


There's should be a TO comment field, that you could either display in the bottom of the TO or read by howering. Aside for the obvious comment feature, it will also help to create some groups


10. A Stuctured view :


Nowadays we've a custome user view, one area where the users puts it's TO.

Maybe we could have a structured view wich filemaker would create itself. It will take the most important (the one TO that has the most relationship of the most important table), put it top left most and then would create a squid view following it's relationship. And it will repeat with each table TO that have no left Relationhip. So this wil be neat and tidy


11. A list view :


Yes I know you removed it from 6. But that's possible and usefful (especially with the search feature n°1)


reordering able columns


Left TO name |  LEFT base table | LEFT BaseFile | RIGHT TO name |  RIGHT base table | RIGHT BaseFile | Creation date (or order)


12 . Some rearranging command.


For instance "Squid it"


you'd select a bunch of related TO, and it would arrange them neatly arrange as a Squid