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Scheduled Export & External data sources - Missing related info

Question asked by rgaskell on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by rgaskell

Hi all,


I think I might be missing something here when exporting information from one of my solutions which leverages external data sources


I have a simple single table database used to collate information from 3 disparate systems we utilise.


  1. The primary information - stored in a shared FM11 DB
  2. Info from our Sourcing dept - stored in a related shared FM11 DB
  3. External product data from our ERP SQL server


I've created the relationships and mechanics to do the usual script to find, sort, export records taking care to match security settings to the solution.

The single field to export is a calculation used to massage the data for formatting purposes.


When I run the script in script debugger or just as a standard Perform script, I get a nice, full set of data extracted.


PROD1|W/FILL TIN|Pk/6|A refreshing |./yourpath/here/PROD1.jpg|1.3|5015000000001|5034000000001|8|8|5.6||||2.29

PROD2|W/FILL TIN|Pk/6|Freshly cut velvet|./yourpath/here/PROD2.jpg|1.3|5015000000002|5034000000002|8|8|5.6||||2.29

PROD3|W/FILL TIN|Pk/6|Sparkling florals|./yourpath/here/PROD3.jpg|1.3|5015000000003|5034000000003|8|8|5.6|250|170|65|2.29

PROD4|W/FILL TIN|Pk/6|Bright watery green|./yourpath/here/PROD4.jpg|1.3|5015000000004|5034000000004|8|8|5.6||||2.18



I now want to schedule the extract at an arbitary time. When I force the schedule to run on the server console I get an output but it only contains information stored in 1. The primary information

I see all the fields from 1. but just empty space between my delimiters where there should be data from 2. or 3.


PROD1||Pk/|A refreshing |./yourpath/here/PROD1.jpg||||||||||

PROD2||Pk/|Freshly cut velvet|./yourpath/here/PROD2.jpg||||||||||

PROD3||Pk/|Sparkling florals|./yourpath/here/PROD3.jpg|||||||250|170|65|

PROD4||Pk/|Bright watery green|./yourpath/here/PROD4.jpg||||||||||



Has anyone come across this before or am I missing something here?


Many thanks for any advice