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Different recovery results

Question asked by techt on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by gdurniak

Has anyone else experienced files that pass the consistency check on some computers but not others? I'm trying to nail down the differences, and as of this morning I would have said it was a 12v2 on 10.8 versus 10.7, but that hasn't held in some of my testing. Bottom line, I've got a file that I'm now considering rebuilding from scratch to eliminate any possible problem in the future. A version of the file is served via FMSA 12, but there are inconsistencies once I pull those files down from the server, and the server hasn't reported any problem during its regular backup routines.


A complete rebuild is not something I take lightly, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this kind of inconsistencies and if I dare trust this file going forward.


Thanks in advance,