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Remote User Script that Prints to a Specific Remote LAN Printer

Question asked by edwardlscott on Sep 25, 2012

I have a new FM Go based Sales Order entry solution for a client connecting remotely to a FM Server 12 Adv., Windows 2008 Server machine (Dallas). When a salesperson submits a Sales Order on their iPad, my scripting generates a Work Order from it that needs to print to a printer in the Warehouse to be acted upon.


The FM Go clients (salespersons) are scattered across the state (Texas) and all have 4G data connectivity. I have saved the Print command settings (i.e., which network printer I want to use) in the script, but this only works correctly when I am running from a client device that is physically on the LAN with the servers and printers. Since I have "No Dialog" turned on for the Print command, no printing or messaging occurs for Go users. If "No Dialog" is turned off, the Go user gets a query about which AirPrint printer the user wants to use.


The Go clients (obviously) have no visibility to network paths on the corporate LAN. I need the Print script command to execute from the perspective of the FM Server machine and send output to the Warehouse printer as saved in the script step.


I hope this is clear. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,