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To find or not to find...

Question asked by PaulWebb on Sep 26, 2012
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I've been at this less than a year and I of course bit off more than I can chew but I plan to survie my decision.


I'm building a solution for my team at work. There are about 100 or so of us and we support around 250+ customers. The solution tracks trouble tickets for a tech company. The users will not be creating any records as we will connect to another DB that houses everything. My users will review cases, make changes, and add notes. All of the tickets (cases) in the DB have a contract associated to them. Each contract then associates to a portfolio number and the users are assigned portfolio(s) to manage. I have my welcome screen setup so that the user has to select a portfolio to work with and sets a global variable.


Now that they are logged in and I know who they are and what portfolio they need to work in I need all of the layouts to show only the records associated to that portfolio. Is it best to do a find everytime you go to a layout? I am currently using the navigate script from FTS Meetings. Basically you set a parameter with the layout name and it jumps to the correct layout. I then use a script trigger to find the correct records but that doesn't seem like the best route to have them refind everything especially if they are jumping back and forth between layouts.


Just looking for the best option to show only related records to the portfolio. Sorry so long winded for what is probably a simple question.


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