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    The FileMaker Developer community web site email notifications


      The FileMaker Developer community web site does many things, some of them

      well and some that could be dramatically improved.


      One of the most important feature of the site is the Forums/email lists. The

      most useful aspect of the forum/email lists is the ability to archive the

      contents in a FileMaker database and be able to search the contents later. I

      do this with a email client, a FileMaker database and some AppleScript.


      On any given day, week, month or year the content of the FileMaker Developer

      community email list is not what I need to focus on, although I do skim the

      subject lines at the time and drill down on some threads.


      Often, month or years later, a customer will ask a question that will cause

      me to search the FileMaker archives that I maintain of the various FileMaker

      lists. The answer to today's question will often come from a discussion that

      occurred years ago.


      Having framed an important use case, here are some of the features that the

      FileMaker Developer Forums/email lists should have:


      • There should be a global setting for email notification that will

      determine the setting for any new forum.


      • If I create or reply to a post on a forum for which I have turned on email

      notifications, I should receive an email. Not receiving an email is either a

      bug, a flaw in the forum software or a mistake in the configuration. Having

      the content that I have provided singled out for exclusion creates

      unnecessary work for me as I am maintaining an archive of content for the

      reason stated above.


      In connection with the "FileMaker Product Management Q&A Topic Suggestions"

      outreach, I have been posting to a forum for which I turned on email

      notifications at the outset. I have verified that I am not receiving copies

      of the emails that I pasted into the web form. Is this a bug, a

      configuration error or a defect in the forum software?


      If this is how it was designed to work, then why? It feels like the

      contributions that I am making in the form of question and replies are

      falling into a black hole, unless I patch them back in. You can probably

      tell that I find this user experience annoying and a disincentive.


      In view of the user feedback described above, what can be done to make the

      FileMaker Developer email lists more useful and when can we expect fixes?




      All the best,



      Tony White

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