Enhancements to Layout Parts

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by eric

What if we were able to re-use a list view that was defined on one layout on another layout. What if we could carve up the layout design surface in different ways. Not just horizontally but what if you could use different quadrants for different things.


What if you could have different table occurrences the layout could render itself from. Think like a page layout program like quark or page maker. You define some frames and each frame has a TO it gets its data from. The thing that Andy LeCates showed at the conference might be a piece of cake with a structure like this ... where you don't have to switch layouts to show the detail (form view of a record). You could have some ways to show or hide some of these frames.


And combine that with some cool CSS3 annimations and you'll have yourself a really flexible and modernlooking tool.


Imagine having also a mini relationship graph to allow this layout to get its context for any of the portals or tables that you want to display. This way you remove the layout and any TOs needed to render that particular layout are also gone. Could be a good thing.


Imagine what dashboards could be like with this kind of flexible structure.


If we are stuck with the same layout parts we have now then at the very least please include this information in the DDR.


Currently if you use a field in a sub-summary part - that field or any other information concerning the layout parts (like the size of the part) is not output in the DDR.


Its one of the places where we can't tell people that a field is being referenced.