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Why would the Sub-Summary & Trailing Grand show the same results after sorting?

Question asked by fkoger on Sep 25, 2012
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I am still new to reporting and sub-summaries. In my layout, I have a body, sub-summaries and trailing grand summary. The calculations I used are summary in the sub-summary and trailing grand and are both alike but the results are not using the sub-summary fields to calculate like they do in the grand summary. I can't figure out why the sub-summary section will not just base those calcuations on that summary data instead of all results. The report looks fine until I sort by the sub-summary field. In the screen print, the 1st 3 rows show the body and is calculating correctly, on the next set of rows - the sub-summary - the % and overall colunm are not correct, in the last section the trailing grand - the data and % is correct. It appears the sub-summary is not limiting to just the sub-summary when calculating the % and overall. I am working with FM v 12 on Windows. Any suggestions? Thanks. Faith