Show duration of steps in debugger

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Sep 25, 2012

Still trying to find ways to document how long things take. If its easy to do show how long a step takes to complete right in the debugger. (in milliseconds or microseconds)


Ideally one could turn this feature on in Advanced and as they run scripts there is a log created that they can then import and review.


Ideally I would really love to see this built into server and have this log created on server. Then you could review the log and see what steps are taking the longest to complete.


I'll post a different suggestion about Server Logs as well. Seeing as this one is getting off topic here.


But showing the times in the debugger could be of help. And another column next to it to show if the step succeed or failed with the error the step got right there ... so you don't have to step into each step to see if it failed or not.