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    Checkbox - how to quickly uncheck all checkboxes


      I have a database of products with a checkbox at the end of each record. This allows the user to select all the products they wan,t and then press a button that prints only the selected records with a quote report.


      I now need all the selected checkboxes cleared out (blank) ready for the next quote.


      I can' t seem to work out how to acheive this.




      The field is called: Select

      Belongs to a table called: IpadDump


      Value list name is called: Select and I have set the custom value to Select



      I couldn't get the clear function to work - it only cleared the first record.

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          Have a look at the Replace Field Contents[] command/script step.



          Note that the problem with your method is that when one user selects a product, it is selected for all other users as well. And there is no history of the quotes produced.

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            I agree with Michael. If this is a multi-user solution, checkboxes won't work.


            Use a global variable to store the IDs of the selected items instead. Replace your checkboxes with a button that looks like a check box. That button toggles the values of the global variable. You can conditionally format the button to indicate whether the record's ID is in the list or not.

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              The database is not running off a server and it doesn't matter if other users selects the same product..  This is only to generate a proposal which is then sent as a pdf to a selected email address.  (the office staff then process the orders and check stocks)  This is just to speed up the process capturing the order in the field and giving a better visual display of the product and details.   Once the the pdf has been generated and emailled the checkboxes need to be cleared ready for the next client.