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Help: Screen Flashes In Large Text Field: Why?

Question asked by Bill_Harper on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2012 by Bill_Harper

This FMPro rookie has encountered a weird screen flashing annoyance only when the cursor is in a large text field being used for client history notes. This flashing is regular (every other second or so) yet intermittent... It will flash 2-5 times and then stop. But when typing continues, the blasted flashing returns for reasons that cannot be figured out after double-checking all the settings.


The FM cache is set to the default of 64 MB with the flush cache set to 10 min. This developer does not have screen flashing issues with any other application on this mission critical WinXP Pro SP3 ThinkPad T61 business-only workstation that has 3 GB RAM & 2.5 GHz Duo-Core chip.


Sure would appreciate any tips or pointers on what might be causing this issue.


In advance, thank you.