Enhancements to Sever Logs

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Sep 26, 2012
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I think I would use the server log more if it had more information about what was going on with my clients. Let me explain what I mean by that.


If you have ever imported a server log all you get is 4 columns of data.


Timestamp     The timestamp of when this event was logged

Category         I only had 2 events being logged so all I was seeing here was ( Server Events and Server Access )

Type              Information, Warning, or Error

Description     Everything else


So for example I have an event ...


2012-09-26 03:21:13

Server Access


Client "Test ( []" opening database "Contact" as "enzo".


Too bac that description isn't broken down further. Like the account name the database name, and the type of action or error


Because then this information would be much more useful.


So that is the first problem I see.


The other shortcomming I see is that there is no logging of scripts being run by FileMaker clients. That would be hugely helpful I think. Right now all that server is logging is when scheduled scripts are run and I believe web scripts ( but not sure about those )...


So for example if there was a way to log the execution of scripts from FM clients and log not just the steps that had errors but all steps and if the step was successful or not and if there was an error what error and how long it took to execute that step. I could leave it on for a few days and then analyze the results. But only useful if we had multiple columns.


Imagine being able to sort by the step that is taking the longest time to exectute and sub summarize by Script or by account that ran it etc... and if there was some interesting way to konw how far away the user was.