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Question asked by KevinMortimer on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by DrewTenenholz

I need some advice. I have a product which consists of around 80 tables all in one file. I am looking to move to the data separation model but within this i am wondering if i should have a single data file with all the 80 tables in one file or split them out into separate data files eg so each table will have its own file like it was back in FMP 5. Maybe not have all tables as their own file but maybe group certain tables together in one file.


The reason i ask this if all tables are in one file and thereis a problem with the file i would have to recreate all tables to make a new file where as if they were split into separate data files the work would be less and would be easier to replace certain files of the solution. Are there any other disadvatages in spliting your data files out into separate data files? does it affect performance?


Many Thanks