Fast Empty Table : badly needed

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by gdurniak

I've already talked about it in my Speed, speed… post (refering to it as the Truncate function), but after having waisted more than 7 hours this past two days emptying 3 tables (that got bloated due to a bad data input), I felt the need to insist on that.


We badly need a Empty table script step that will destroy all its content immediately (like MySQL Truncate), at least for table that are not involved in cascading deletes.

It could fall back to delete all if cascading delets exists if FMI inc can make it fast with cascading deletes.


But please, please, please create that script step ASAP. Deleteing all content of a table is needed in many many automation case, where you need to import data, or work wiith temporary tables. If such a Empty table script step I'd save at least 2 hours per day of script processing time.