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    Export Field Contents





      I'm having a problem using the Export Field Contents script step.


      The file in the container has a caculated name and is in a pdf format ie MrsJones.pdf


      I've specifyed the output file to fmnet:/ HD Disk Two (Lower)/ FM Container Image Backup/


      What am I doing wrong? BTW I'm able to browse the folder accross the network.








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          Hi All,



          I've manged to create a script that gets the file onto my local computer


          Set Variable [ $filePath; Value:Case (Abs(Get(SystemPlatform))=1; "Filemac:" ; "filewin:" ) & Get (DesktopPath) & "Test/" & Child:Unique ID & ".pdf"


          Export Filed Contents [Child::Unique ID; "$filePath"]


          What am I doing wrong with this network script?



          Set Variable [ $filePath; Value:Case (Abs(Get(SystemPlatform))=1; "fmnet:" ; "filewin:" ) & Get (DesktopPath) & "// HD Disk Two (Lower)/FM Container Image Backup/" & Child:Unique ID & ".pdf"


          Export Filed Contents [Child::Unique ID; "$filePath"]



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            1. First on mac don't use fmnet unless it is a shared filemaker file use filemac instead.
            2. Second ( I know this seems obvious, but need to check) do you have permissions to write to this directory.
            3. If you have advanced check the output of your variable and make sure it is being assemble properly.
            4. I'm not sure why you have Get (DesktopPath) in your path for a remote machine??? I would think this would return a path such as this


                 filewin:/C:/Users/me/Desktop// HD Disk Two (Lower)/FM Container Image Backup/ID.pdf


            I don't see that as a valid path on any computer.


            My guess is this is a problem with either file sharing settings on the computer or an issue with the path as above.



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              Hi Nick,



              I've changed it toCase ( Abs ( Get (SystemPlatform) ) = 1 ; "filemac:" ; "filewin:" ) &  "// HD Disk Two (Lower)/FM Container Image Backup/" & Child::Unique ID & ".pdf"


              I do have permission to write to the shared directory.


              I think Variables are OK


              I beleive the path is the problem


              Any one out there want to set me straight?