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    Relookup field issues


      We have had a script using the relookup function to update the records from one layout that we have been using for a number of years. It now appears to be not working. Any suggestions?

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          Has anything changed? IE moving from FM11 to FM12, hosting change, changes to the table you are looking up values from? Can you run the script through debugger to see if it returns any errors (IE error 402)?


          Here's the document about that script step:



          There are some notes in there about it's use that might assist you in troubleshooting. I would start by looking at all aspects of the file to see what changed, then seeing if that change caused it to stop working.

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            There may have been changes made to the layouts that I am unaware of.  They may have somehow caused the relookup function to work differently.  I have checked all the relationships between fields in layouts and it all seems OK.  I also tried using the relookup function manually.  What was interesting was that it didn't work properly when I did it manually either. .  After reading  your link I will have a look again later today, to see if there is a problem with commitment of data.


            Many thanks.