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    What to do with long lists in a field


      We have a field with both active and inactive courses.  We need to keep all of the courses so we can look up homework and exam information from old courses, but on drop down lists, we only want to see current courses.  Is there a way to limit which items from a single list of classes show up as drop down items in a specific field?


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          I would suggest you create a constant key field called cActive on the table you want to use this value list. Then relate the course table to this table using cActive on one side of the relationship as a key and your "Active/Inactive" field on the course table. Then set up a value list called something like "ActiveCourses" set it to "Use values from field". In the resulting settings window select the new course instance you used in the relationship I described above. Pick the course name field you wish to choose from that table and set "Include only related values starting from" on the bottom. To the right of this setting you select the table you used to relate that new course instance you just selected above. I hope this helps. This should work 100% so let me know if it does not and I will try to walk you through it.



          cActive should be a calculation field with a text result with the following calculation: "Active"

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            I think your questions will get better/quicker responses if posted in other subforums here on TechNet.  The Product Managers are the folks at FMI who make decisions about future directions for the product line.  As such, the upcoming "Ask the PMs" webinars (for which this particular subforum was created) will probably focus on those kinds of issues (e.g., features, big and small, desired by the developer community in future FM versions, as well as rationale and under-the-hood insight into current features such as the new CSS-based layout rendering engine).






            [EDIT:  I see Bitgeist replied while I composed my (less helpful) response.  My comment about "better" responses certainly wasn't meant to imply that Bitgeist's response was in any way lacking.    ]