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When using "Print" script step selecting "Layout" then "Reverse Page Orientation" doesn't work & is not saved.

Question asked by cooldan on Sep 27, 2012

When setting up a script to print an envelope, I need to print so the left edge center feeds.

The "Print" script step allows me to choose "Layout" & then choose "Reverse Page Orientation".

It then does not save theses settings and prints right edge center feeds. The envelopes do not print correctly & though I could probably adjust settings I have a large number of scripts that would need to be adjusted.

I have converted these scripts from v 5.5 to v 10 to v 11 & to v 12.

This problem occurred when I had upgraded to MAC OS Lion & to v 12 of FMP.

It appeared to have something to do with Adobe 7 and Adobe PDE's which no longer work with LION.


Any suggestions would be helpful.


I did solve one database problem by removing all Adobe 7 references & reconverting from v 11 to v 12. When I did that the script step remembered the settings & worked correctly.

I set up a new database in v 12 & upon setting up an envelope printing script had a recurence of the problem. I was able to print the envelopes to Preview & then print using the Layout Reverse Page Orientation, but this is a complicated step I don't want my secretary to have to do.