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    Accessing FM Server from FileMaker Go


      I would like our users to start using the power of FileMaker Go, by accessing our FM Server hosted DBs  outside the secure comforts of our internal network. What best practices should we be looking at to create a secure mobile environment?

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          According to filemaker's whitepaper:



          To protect confidential information, the FileMaker Platform supports encrypted communications

          between the server and iOS devices. Developers can also specify a timeout for inactive connections, after which users must re-authenticate.


          When connecting to FileMaker Server, security is enhanced because the data resides only on the

          server and is never stored on the device.  This means a lost or stolen iPad or iPhone does not compromise security.


          So your worries would be limited to stored credentials for database login without locking iPad (IE access to database if stolen). But you can also shut this down by changing the user's password in the hosted file.


          I'm not sure how high-level into enterprise security you want to go, but I'm assuming based on the text above that native security is enough for the majority of filemaker go apps being built.