FM Go : Camera Capture enhancements

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 27, 2012
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Camera capture is absolutely great. I've just made a solution for product referencing, user take pictures with the iPad and it's 500% more effecient than what they used before (camera, memory card reader, etc…). This is especailly great since FM 12' container handling.


However here's some improvments inspired by this experience (in priority order)


- Crop tool after capture (very usefull, because for instance with square products you end up with unnecesary borders, which then will result on smaller product picture than possible once in the layout)


- Antishake function : many many of those pictures are taken in low light, hence shake prone conditions. Practically all camera apps come with this basic feature, that uses the gyroscope to trigger the shoot only when the iDevice is still. That improves sharpnees a lot, and it's a huge productivity improvment because you get sharp shots.


- Ability to programatically set the quatlity (the definition of the image). Perhaps maybe the compression level also, but at least the pixel count because the user can chneg it, and this may lead to image quality inconsitensies


- Allow exposure locking on a diferent point than the focusing point


- Allow focus locking on a diferent point than the exposure point


- Pich zooming to check image sharpness in the the after shoot window before commiting the image recording


- Native 2D and QR code scanning


- Eventually some basic light adjustement


Considering the huge number of free camera apps with those feature, I'm pretty sure FM Inc could licence one easily to a little dev.

And you know, if this camera module is good enough, who knows, Filemaker Go could be seens as a camera app in itself, introducing mere photographers to the world of database.