FMS : Command line

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 27, 2012

This one is very short but implication are huge.


The FMS Command line performs it's action asynchronously. That means that if you launch from the command line a FMS schedule, it will launch it, and immediatley, without waiting the schedule completion it will return the prompt.


That's really unfortunate, as it totally prevents you to chain commands, so you can't do something one a schedule is completed.

For instance, you may want to trigger a server side script from the command line, that would create an export, and then upload  zip and send that export somewher.

But due to the asynschronousity of FMS in command line you can't.


Of course, FM inc doesn't need to change the way it is for obvious compatibilty reasons, just add a -synchronous flag to the command, that will tell FMS to wait till completion before returning the command line prompt.


That way, command line fms will get considerably more usefull.