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Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 27, 2012

For obvious performances reasons, those would only be activated on request in the admin tool, to troubleshoot.


We need need CPU, I/O, and perhaps memory utilization breakdown by process (so by user)


The current Filemaker server statistics aren't telling that much and are very very hard to grasp. Plus they don't help to understand ressources utilisations.

To help diagnose performance problems or do some optimization we need to have a breakdown of the CPU utilization / disk throughput / network bandwidth for the different process that Filemaker runs :


Let's say fmserved process is using 150% of the machine CPU power

we need to have in Filemaker Server Admin console a breakdown of those 150%.


Same for disk and network speed


Those 150% would be considered as the 100% of the CPU power, disk througput, network bandwidth used by FMS and we would need something like that :


scheduled backups 1 : 25% CPU 50% disk throughput 0% network utilization

server side script 1 : 35% CPU 29% disk throughput 0% network utilization

user Robert : 10% CPU, 1% disk throughput 5% network utilization

user Katherine : 10% CPU, 10% disk throughput 45% network utilization

user John : 20% CPU, 10% disk throughput 50% network utilization


of course if they were web publishing, jdbc/odbc etc it would be reported accordingly


This will be a tremendous gain to help optimize, or kill a process that is eating most of the ressources bogging down the server.

We would also be able to better make the good hardware investments


This is a feature request posted here


Better analysis of what the user does :


Maybe that's not possible because I'm not sure if FMS is aware of what the client does :


- Script run currently by a user or logging of the script ran by users. Or pehaps a flag next to user name that would show if a user is runnin scripts or not. Anyway knowing if a user is running a script or not will be really interesting.

- Same as above to know on which layout a user is, the table he uses

- Same as above to know the record count of the user foundset

- his is performing a find, querying a relationship


Table locking monitoring


In MySQL you can know if a user is locking a table