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    FMS : Process managing


      By process here I'm refering to the users taht are displayed in the admin tool, because shedules are also seens as users.


      - Process Nicing


      Nicing is determining the priorities of ressource utilisation for processes


      It would be really great if we could tell FMS that this user is a top priority one, this schedul is at the lowest priority, or the opposite


      Because right now, real human user can see the performance drop a lot due to schedule (server side script or backup), because it seems all process have same priority.


      Of course, this nicing needs to be settable in real time, so if a user complains about FMP speed, we could dial down the schedule which is running.


      This happened to me just this aftetrnoon, were a lengthy script bogged doanw many users


      - Process killing / terminating.


      I'm not sure you can actually kill a process, but you can disconnect a user. Howewer, it seems that disconnecting the user of a schedule, of a server side script doesn't work (at least in my memory it didn't work)


      - Process pausing and resuming.


      We should be able to it the pause button on a process, especially schduled, so we could free up ressources temporarly, and then resume the exceution afterwards.