FMS : Pre and Post Schedule processing

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 27, 2012

Pre and Post scripts after a backup shedule


Nowadays, you can run an os level script before or after a Filemaker Server Side processing script. But unfortunately you can't run a pre or post os level script afer a backup !


Not only this isn't inconsistent, but it's very limiting because you can't have for instance your backup zipped and archived remotely.


Of course, if FMS would get DDR outpout option, this could allow to have always in sync Inspector or BaseElement.


But we shouldn't be limited to os level script either :


- it could be applescript scripts (though you can run them via command line, but that's less user friendly)

- launch an application (yes you can do it with os level script, but for newbie it's easier)

- Or why not another filemaker server side scripts that would be run before of after backup. Yes, with FMS command line you could do it, but unfortunately the asynchronousity of the FMS command line operations is too limiting. Keep in mind that since "save as" is not sever side script supported, you have to do the backup via the FMS schedule.