Better UTF Export controls

Discussion created by dougalder on Sep 28, 2012
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Two recent blogs highlight the issues that FileMaker Pro currently has with exporting text files for many common web uses.


UTF, WTF! Writing HTML and JSON from FileMaker


"UTF-8 has become the dominant character encoding for the World-Wide Web, accounting for more than half of all Web pages. The Internet Engineering Task Force requires all Internet protocols to identify the encoding used for character data, and the supported character encodings must include UTF-8." That definitely seems like it might be something you would want to be able to export to.


The fact that FileMaker Pro does not support the UTF-8 standard fully and still offers only the option of OS 9 Carriage Returns, is disappointing in this web-oriented age. We remain hopeful that this situation will improve."

An In-Depth Look at “Export Field Contents”

In this blog, Beverly Voth, an expert in XSLT, goes to elaborate lengths, just to get a UTF-8 text file out of FileMaker. FM Developers should not have to use an XML export, tied to an XSLT transformation, (as well as exporting a file from a container field, just to avoid FileMaker Pro mangling that file) to achieve such a simple and necessary ability.


Do you agree that the Export Field Contents function having the ability to control export to UTF-8, complete with determining the appropriate line endings and BOMs would be a useful feature for FileMaker Pro in these days of the Internet?