Enhancements to Dialogs and maybe even add notifications

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Sep 28, 2012

One thing I often use Simple Dialog for is to provide the user with feedback. That plug in is essential to our work that we include it in our Framework.


So things like flash dialogs that let the user some action was done. A visual clue that the order was processed correctly. I mean this could also include a sound of some kind to afirm its been done.


Or even the ability to just show a large translucent dialog much like we have with addressbook when you want to dial a phone number and it shows you the number is a really large font.


Taking it even a step further maybe there could be some kind of notification center that could hook into what the Mac OS has and if there is something similar on Winodws.


But imagine if you had a way to configure special rules on the server where when this action happens then notify the connected users or following account holder or people with this level of access with a short message and clicking on that notification takes them directly to the record.


A new order has come in

A new application has been processed


It would be great if it was not intrusive. I did something like this where I had a layout and we would have a script timer refresh to show any new orders that have some in. But it would be nice if it could notify you without disrupting your work.