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    Email The Database


      One common thing that we also do is provide a way for our clients to simply email the database and when we read the subject we know to perform some specific action and maybe log the email along with the attachment into a log table.


      This provides a great connivence to our clients so they don't have to oepn up the database to simple attach an email. They can simply email the database directly.


      It would be great if we could in some way have a native way to do this and then have some rules or actions that can be performed when the email is received.


      And maybe this goes along with the notifications suggestion I submitted.

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          Are you saying users are currently opening their database and then using it to e-mail itself? I don't understand how that would work.


          And you're familiar with the Open URL script step and linking to a shared database?

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            Right now if a client wanted to include an email that they sent someone some times they would just create a record in a log table and copy the from, to, subject and body.


            So instead of opening up the database what we provide is an email address that they can bcc the message and what happens is that process that we set up checks for those emails and inserts them into the database into that log table. They love it and we have done it a number of times.


            Another thing that we do that is similar is that when something is changed on a project... say the deadline date for a task. We automatically notify the project manager.


            So that is why I was thinking that some kind of notification component to the server would be a wonderful thing to have both for incomming and outgoing types of items.

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              I think what Vince means is not "send an email with the database included as an attachment" but rather, "send an email TO the database to trigger an action." I was scratching my head at first too.

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                While there are good plugins that handle e-mail, I agree, having Filemaker handle incoming mail natively would be amazing.


                Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.

                -Zawinski's Law of Software Envelopment

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                  Wanted to add a few more thoughts here about this.


                  I think just like the web publishing, and the scripting process that you have now... I would love to see a Grand Central Notification system maybe as a separate process... but something really flexible... Where I can email that process, or text that process or communitate with it directly in some way ... and lets say I email it... it could automatically log that email with attachments into a record in a particular table of a file.


                  I believe we have an ability to broadcast to all users of a db or who are connected to a server now.


                  But what I am thinking for that notification system is something that can both recieve notifications and act on them and one where it could also send out notifications in various ways based on a rich set ot actions that could be monitored.


                  Send out text messages

                  Send out emails

                  Maybe even make a phone call and read some text