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    date range scripting


      Have patient and appointment tables the appointment table in a tab, I have appdate field and 2 range fields need a script for an operator to enter dates for recall list.Have tried several from tecnet but none work have put range fields in global as advised and tried various

      variables,but never quite get the right script.Appreciate any help

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          not sure exactly what you're getting at here... but if you're looking for a script that makes it easy to enter a date range and have a script that performs a search based on that date range, then I would suggest the following:


          1. Create two global date fields for entering a start date and end date


          2. Create a script that enters find mode, then inserts the calculated result into the dat field you wish to search on. The calculated result should be table::datefield_global1 & "..." & table::datefield_global2

          then perform find


          Start you script with error capture turned on an setup conditions after perform find that will trap for errors. To be even safer, setup checks before the perform find to check if there is a start and end date entered, or just end date.


          I hope this makes sense...? I hope this helps??

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            Thanks tried this but have subsequenly realised that putting the appointment records as a tab was wrong.Thanks for your input greatly appreaciated