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How to move to a new server without getting a Tampered: on the image

Question asked by fmabnet on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2012 by mikebeargie

I am running Filemaker 12 Server on a Mac Mini 10.6 and its struggling.

My plan is to move it to a new 6core Mac Pro 10.7 with 32GB Memory.


I thought it would be a simple process. I've installed FMS on the new computer, copied the database after closing it and all the container files which are stored in Open format inside the directories.

I copied to the new MacPro while it was in target mode and dropped it into the Filemaker path.


I started up filemaker and opened it on the client. It worked for the most part except that some images don't work. Some are fine and some say Tampered:

The images are still correct when I look at them and there. There're all a similar file type and name that aren't working. They are screen shots with a date and time. Other files seem to have worked fine but something has changed in the file as it moved across.


Ive been looking but not sure what to look for. Is there a document I should be reading to explain how to move the server across without causing the images to be marked as tampered.


Is there a way of unmarking the image as tampered so we can accept the image thats there. Or to get the images to re-import from the file again so they work.


There must be something fundamental I'm doing wrong because I imagine its standard pract to move these across servers. Apologies if this is a basic question, I am new to the use of external storage containers have always used the old method until recently.


Any help would be appreciated.