FileMaker Go Interface Polish

Discussion created by MMD on Sep 28, 2012

I'd like to know when we'll see some much needed polishing of the Filemaker Go interface.


  • Status bar anomaly - The status bar currently disappears in landscape mode even thought you can momentarily get it to reappear by toggling the On/Off switch. Prior to the most recent Go update, toggling the status bar would keep the status bar viewable in the landscape mode--that is until you switched back to portrait and then  back to landscape. I would simply like to have the Status bar viewable at all times when I set the On/Off switch.
  • Mishandling of text within fields - In order for text in edit box fields to display centered and to prevent oversized field entry boxes from appearing for input, you have to check the Include Vertical Scrollbar option. The problem with this workaround is the vertical scrollbar occupies field space.