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    FilterValues Function Improvements


      The Filtervalues function is extremely useful but has a frustrating limitation.


      Currently it only allow you to return all values in List A that exist in List B.


      We need at least, the opposite: All values in Lisit A that are NOT in List B.


      Simple example:


      A list of CustomerID values for a region.

      A list of CustomerID value who meet some criteria.

      For example: were recently sent promotional material.


      Which customers in List A have NOT received this mailing?


      A few people (including me) have addressed this with custom functions but the functions are inefficient as compared to a native feature.

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          I use UniqueValues(), but a native implementation would be nice.


          I don't think this is the right forum for such requests though. Understandable, since the intention of the forum, to bring up disucssion points for the "Ask a PM
          webinar next week, has been highjacked by feature requests and general complaints.


          Edit: While I do use UniqueValues(), I meant to say AntiFilterValues() which is very useful (thanks Bruce).

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            Another simple example:


            Recently there was some discussion on another list about script loops and exit conditions.


            Here's an alternative method to process a list.

            For this particular task, other iteration methods may be more efficient; but that is beside the point.

            Here the point here is to illustrate how a not-match filter might be used.


            Set Variable [ $list; List( customersByState::customerID)]

            Set Variable [ $doneList; ""]

            // or perhaps donelist isnot empty but includes items processed by a previous operation


              Set Variable [ $notDoneList; antifiltervalues( $list; $doneList)]

              Exit Loop If [ isEmpty( $notDoneList) ]

              Set Variable[ $thisID; getValue( $notDoneList; 1) ]

              // Do stuff with $thisID then:

              Set Variable [$doneList; List( $doneList; $thisID)]

            End Loop

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              David, the question should surely therefore be, how many of these excellent suggestions can be actioned and in what timeframe, or how do you prioritise whe faced with a list of great suggestions from people who push the use of the product into the margins of its design.

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                I just made this suggestion on the Filemaker product suggestions page.  I wish it was done already!!!  I have two similar lists and I want to find the unique values in the two lists and discard the duplicates.