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    FMGo for Android


      OK I mentioned the elephant in the room. If you look at trends the proportion of Android is constantly increasing. While iOS is of course better it is no longer the only smart phone/tablet solution and I hope the team can confirm an Android version is in the road map.

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          perhaps when Microsoft release a database app for Windows phones, this may change things!

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            It's a brave new world.

            What will data usage look like in 5 years time and more?

            How will interfaces and expectations of user interaction change over the same period?


            We do at least have a head start on some of the going mobile issues - synchronising records, optimising for speed and thin tables, streaming containers...

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              i REALLY miss a filemaker GO for android. even if it would be more basic than the iOS version i really think it is time for this. the next time i will upgrade or buy more licenses of filemaker for my company it will be when android is being supported ;-) !


              please do not miss this very important move... without android support, we have to move to other solutions in the future... this would be really sad, because filemaker has so many great things about it...