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    "Save as PDF" crashes FMv12 on big files


      I am finding v12 carshes where v11 did not.


      We are engineers and collect engineering data in FM and print pdf of many FM graphs on a layout. We may be running unusually large files with unusally large number of graphs. We run FM server advanced and have volume licence.


      The databse I am running is 17Gb in stored size, and contains domestic house test results data (we record house parameters every 5 minutes such as temperature and humidity as part of our experiment). The layout we are printing contains about 6 graphs and each graph has about 6 lines on it. Each line represents a desired parameter (such as temperature) data and we are printing the last 3 days worth of data. The databases sorts by time (many parameters have a years worth of data stored) and usess relationships to "find" the last 3 days worth of experiemntal data and then graphs these last 3 days worth. So it does do a lot of sorting and data selection before printing the graph and so I assume FM never tested at this level of hard work (?)


      In FMv11 it worked fine doing "save as pdf" but took 8 hours to print the 200 pages. In v12 it is worse. I have done several experimental runs and found it will print only about 20 pages, but above that and FM crashes. Typical crash report states:


      "Communication with host interruppted..all databases will be closed"




      "fileXYZ could not be created on the disk. Use differnet name, make more room on disk..unlock disc"


      Because of teh last error report I have tidied teh disc and it has over 100GB of space. Server is Windows 2008, 64 bit, 8GB RAM, 2.33 GHz Intel, Service pack 2.


      The crashes reported above were running the "save as PDF" on a client accessing the host server on local network. I originally ran locally on the server and that crashed too. I have tried printing to adobe PDF and that crashed too.


      I have spent weeks and weeks on this and am dissapointed that we pay for volume licence and our most important function on FM does not work on v12.


      I think its a bug which needs an update but perhaps you can help?


      Thank you

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          If your data bank is truly 17gb in size, I would seriously consider optimizing your entire database around getting printing scripts to cache the data locally before trying to generate the PDFs, or looking into a server-side generation option.


          There are numerous optimizations that you can probably do (IE freeze window script step, rebuilding your print layout from the ground up in FM12 instead of using the converted layout, utilizing ExecuteSQL to cache data to a virtual list, etc..)


          Personally I would not have even considered 8 hours for 200 pages in FM11 as "worked fine". It might be worth while to hire a consultant that has FM12 experience to look at optimizing your printing workflow. It can probably not only be repaired, but optimized to take a lot less than 8 hours to assemble.

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            I would agree with Mike, try utilizing ExecuteSQL function into your Print routine described above. It will shorten the time to generate this reports. ExecuteSQL will return only 3 days of data quickly if you create the correct SQL command. Also using the virtual list technic should also help and reduce the load on the database and server. I think your problem is that the print routine has to process through too many records to get what it needs. I've found the w3schools website to be help for SQL commands. http://w3schools.com/



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              Also if you want a good way to learn ExecuteSQL, seedcode's SQLexplorer is a must.



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                Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate your suggestions and help.


                Mike Beargie and pmconaway suggest reworking the database in a number of ways and yes that may fix the problem. However, the database has about 5 more months to run before we stop using it and archive the test results and we have no budget to work more (you familair with that story, i guess).


                In some ways i was pleased to see that Filemaker inc recognise there is a problem as it eliminiates the option that i did a bad instal etc.


                Last night i tried the same excerise running a client v12 on an iMac (10.6) and it too failed. "FM pro quit unexpectedly"


                My primary aim was to test if FMv12 was robust enough to deply in my business. I have now completed that testing and proven it is not.


                Thank you all for your time and patience. This reinformces my belief that small business should only use software which is over 12 months old.


                Thank you all

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                  I can appreciate limited budgets, but especially with the newer filemaker technologies (especially virtual listing), I'm sure it would have been attainable to cut your time down significantly in the generation of files. I can personally attest that I've been able to compile incredibly massive amounts of data in a relatively small time tax using filemaker 12 and it's ExecuteSQL calculation with virtual lists. We're talking charts compiled from ~1 million records in under a minute, and a label layout using a virtual list for ~100,000 people in under 20 seconds.


                  Sometimes a poorly configured database schema, scripts and layouts can cascade into a huge mess once it hits production, and there's no "magic fix" that can get it back to 100% capacity without rewriting significant parts of the system. These flaws tend to come out more in the filemaker 11 to 12 conversions I've seen so far. It sounds like that's what you've got here, IE your system isn't designed to handle large capacity files. I still think it's rather miraculous that you were able to complete an 8 hour scripted PDF generation in FM11 without errors.


                  Maybe a cheap interim solution would be to find a high powered (i7 with gobs of ram) windows PC to try and hook in and see if it works with PDFs better than macOS can handle. I've seemingly had less problems with win/PDF in the past than with mac/PDF. Another solution would be to roll-back to filemaker 11, since the product is being canned in 5 months anyways.

                  Good luck!


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                    on 2012-09-28 7:10 ocl wrote

                    In FMv11 it worked fine doing "save as pdf" but took 8 hours to print the 200 pages. In v12 it is worse. I have done several experimental runs and found it will print only about 20 pages, but above that and FM crashes. Typical crash report states:


                    given your later statement that you don't wish to do any development work, i

                    would suggest either


                    1. revert to FileMaker 11




                    2. print in segments and merge the PDFs later if needed (many ways to do that)

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                      i face the same problem on windows server 2003 with filemaker pro 12 v3.

                      i get random crashes of filemaker when using scripts with "save as pdf".

                      error capture in filemaker is not possible, since it is filemaker itself that crashes.



                      Filemaker crashes in scriptstep save as pdf on DLI_PDFL91.dll




                      FileMaker Pro






                      Operating system version:


                      windows server 2003


                      Description of the issue:




                      I face a problem where filemaker randomly crashes on a scriptstep "save as pdf".


                      filemaker pro 12v3 is installed on windows server 2003 machine.


                      the script imports some data from odbc, generates several lists, which are saved to a pdf and then send via email.


                      i get the following error in windows: faulting module DLI_PDFL91.dll, version, fault address 0x00041654.


                      Event Type: Error
                      Event Source: Application Error
                      Event Category: (100)
                      Event ID: 1000
                      Date: 9/10/2012
                      Time: 7:47:26


                      Faulting application FileMaker Pro.exe, version, faulting module DLI_PDFL91.dll, version, fault address 0x00041654.


                      For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
                      0000: 6c707041 74616369 206e6f69 6c696146
                      0010: 20657275 6c694620 6b614d65 50207265
                      0020: 652e6f72 31206578 2e302e32 32322e32
                      0030: 6e692038 494c4420 4644505f 2e31394c
                      0040: 206c6c64 2e312e39 35322e30 20746120
                      0050: 7366666f 30207465 31343030 343536


                      Anybody outthere with the same problem?


                      kind regards