Server-Side Sorting Please

Discussion created by DebiFuchs on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by crispinhodges

For me, the largest remaining unnecessary  network bottleneck in FileMaker is sorting. (Thanks for fixing so many others, by the way, via batching and/or server-side operations).


I'd like to know if it might be a priority to add "server side sorting" ... much like "server side unindexed finds" where the server ends up sending the client a sorted list of record IDs, and the client need only ask for the first few records in the result list in order to show them on in List view (or in a sorted portal...or sorted relationship...or whatever).


To show, for example, a large contacts list, in sorted fasion, is incredibly slow...*every* stored field from *every* record in the entire *table* needs to go traverse the network for *every* session of *every* user that views the records in sorted order, even if they want to look only at the first record.


In the meantime, my rather cumbersome workaround is to do  crazy things like weekly "permanent sorting" via server-side script, where the server exports and reimports all records in a given table in sorted order. (The alternative: thousands of records which must *all* unnecessarily traverse the network for *every* session of tens of remote clients). 


It'd be great if I didn't have to do this machination, which seems unnecessary.  Plus, it only works in situations appropraite for "permanent sorting". It doesn't work for temporary sorts, such as when one wants to  show only the first record in a sorted relationship.


(BTW, for the Contacts example, I know I can do something like show one letter at a time, but even this is slow if the contacts list is large enough, which it often is, and it is a clunky solution, too.)