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    Improved editor for Scripts / Calculations


      I'd love to see a couple of things improved in the edit dialogs for scripts and calculations:

      - Syntax highlighting

      - Line numbers

      - Ability to use an external editor

      - Type ahead / auto-complete for function names

      - Global searching (that is, search for any script that contains a specific variable or function call)


        In general, improving the way we interact with the coding side of FileMaker would be great. 

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          I totally agree. Taking your comments a bit further: having the ability to use scripts as actual text (and thus FileMaker-agnostic) would really help in the areas of configuration management and version control. If Scripts could be (easily) output as plain text, we could more easily use common code revision tools, like Git/GitHub, or even build our own homegrown revision control systems (in FileMaker!). This would be a huge help for those of us with large systems that have lots of changes, where more than 1 developer is involved.


          The ability to output scripts and even other schema (easily) as text would pave the way to all kinds of possible integration with other tools.


          I realize the DDR could/can be used that way today, but the HTML output is not very convenient.