option to script & write custom functions in a (more?) object-oriented way

Discussion created by tekguides on Sep 28, 2012
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Hi everyone


Some years ago I worked on a project where the industry calculation and simulation suite MatLab/SIMULINK was used. This is a hugely complicated and powerful plattform which, basically, has nothing to do with FileMaker.


In earlier versions users could only write linear, procedural scripts in MatLab/Simulink. However, MatLab/Simulink underwent a development and nowadays users may choose whether to write their simulation scripts in a procedural way or in an object-oriented fashion.


What I like about this is, that those, who don't know what OOD is or somehow can't get used to it, just don't have to use it. At the same time, those who want to use the powers of OOD can do so.


When developing FileMaker scripts and custom functions I very often think: "Okay, this would be a typical case, where OO would make life a LOT easier. How do I implement it with the tools I have?"

I might add that it's not sufficient for me, that you can use PHP or Groovy via commercial plugins (Scodigo, 360Works) because the objects you create with these plugins live only within the custom functions written with these plugins.


I am aware that the option to write scripts and custom functions in an OO way is a feature that the marketing department of FileMaker could advertise only with a fraction of its target audience, but I am sure that many of us professional developers would be very happy to use it.


What do you think?