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    inventory count


      Hi anyone,


      I have created an inventory database. I have a received, used, and amount of stock fields. I would like to input amount received and have it automattically calculate my amount of stock, and when I enter amount used (out) I would like my amount of stock to automattically calculate that as well. I have set up the fields received & used as numbers and amount in stock field as a calulation in Boolean.


      It is not calculating correctly. I am a new user, and require some help.


      What am I doing wrong, for my stock not to be calculating?


      Thanks to all who help and respond.


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          You're basically creating an error in your "amount in stock" calc field by calling "self" as part of calculation.


          Your calculation for amount in stock should just be:

          received - used


          if you need a starting stock quantity, you need to add a new field, IE "original stock quantity", which would update the calculation for "amount in stock" to be:

          original quantity + Received - used


          So you know, calculations in filemaker don't require "= answer" on the end. That's treated as part of the calculation, not telling filemaker that is the answer. Your calculation had "= amount in stock" at the end of it, which is the incorrect syntax for what I think you're trying to do.

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            Will correct and see what happens.


            Thank you so much for your input.


            Have a great day




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