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    Johan Hedman

      Coming from a long time developing with FileMaker it felt said leaving Effect in the new version of FileMaker.


      I´m talking about Effect:

          - Embossed

          - Engraved

          - Drop shadowed


      After converting in to FM12 I can no longer choose to use this effects. Day are all grayed out.


      But strangley I still produce them in some differenct objects on the layout.


      By just making a new portal I will automatically get a Engraved portal


      By adding value list choice Meny to a field I get Drop shadowed


      By adding a button to the layout and turning it 180 degrees and get I Embossed.


      So by sticking to Classic theme I can still produce layouts that look FM11 and earlier version in FM12.


      The questions is then. Will this three effects disappear in next version of FM or can I stick to Classic theme and stay with the work I just created? I dont want to go through all hundreds of layouts one more time to get back the features I had in FM11 that disappeared in FM12 again.

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          FileMaker 12 is CSS-based. That means the "effects" are applied as CSS styles to certain objects in certain themes. I suggest you learn as much as you can about the Themes in fmp12. We don't have the ability to directly alter the theme stylesheets (CSS), but much of the "styling" can be altered in the Inspector. (Although you will find that some have chosen to manipulate outside the Inspector, it's not recommended by FMI.)


          Since I've been able to "simulate" embossed and engraved with just the native objects, I don't worry about having convenient selections for effects. Also remember that in fmp12, you have "states" (4! of them) for objects: normal, hover, in focus & pressed. So now you have a way to make something change as your action on the object changes:


          from the help topic "Specifying the display state for an object"



          To display the object as specified when

          Normal State

          The object is available to the user, but is not currently selected.

          In Focus

          The object has been activated by a mouse-click, the Tab key, or a script.


          The user pauses the pointer over the object.


          The mouse button is held down on a clickable object.


          Tip: if you have a graphic that has the desired "effect" you may use it for your objects, too! Filling an object or a layout part with an image