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Discussion created by Johan Hedman on Oct 1, 2012
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Coming from a long time developing with FileMaker it felt said leaving Effect in the new version of FileMaker.


I´m talking about Effect:

    - Embossed

    - Engraved

    - Drop shadowed


After converting in to FM12 I can no longer choose to use this effects. Day are all grayed out.


But strangley I still produce them in some differenct objects on the layout.


By just making a new portal I will automatically get a Engraved portal


By adding value list choice Meny to a field I get Drop shadowed


By adding a button to the layout and turning it 180 degrees and get I Embossed.


So by sticking to Classic theme I can still produce layouts that look FM11 and earlier version in FM12.


The questions is then. Will this three effects disappear in next version of FM or can I stick to Classic theme and stay with the work I just created? I dont want to go through all hundreds of layouts one more time to get back the features I had in FM11 that disappeared in FM12 again.