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12 Charting with Fields

Question asked by nickchapin on Oct 1, 2012
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Hi All:


I have a client that has data that I can't seem to chart. In each row there are 19 fields (95, 90, 85,...5 ) with numerical data in each column. Each row is related to a parent (six chilrdren max). In the parent table I need to graph on the y-axis (vertical) the data for the 19 fields for each child. Obviously we can't pick just one of the 19 fields, but rather need all 19. At first I was thinking that one could create a calc field with return-delimited data for each row that would have all 19 fields. That didn't seem to work. I've tried to simpify the situatin by ignoring the other children (as, I believe, these would just be additional series on the y-axis).


I like to think I'm fairly intelligent, but honestly most of my graphing has been with the google api and I seem to be stuck in the twelve chart thingy. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


To recap: y-axis needs data from one record but 19 fields. This will be a line chart.