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Discussion created by Vincent_L on Oct 2, 2012
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That's true, much of my time spent in Filemaker is not coding, thinking, it's grabbing filemaker objects. That's a terrible productivity loss every filemaker dev suffers. And if a plattform is you spend more time selecting objects rather than actually code, then there's a big problem. We need this to end.


A solution to this is pretty simple, understandtable to all, newbie friendly, and won't require major rewrite : put search boxes everywhere. And alos sorts (that's terrible to have to go in manage database field view just to sort the order of the displayed fiedl everywhere)


- Search boxes EVERWHERE. You have it in scriptmaker, you have it in manage layout view, we need them everywhere :

  But we ALLS NEED need to be able TO SORT by item name, item type, creation order, custom order (where applicable)


In all pane taht contains a user selectebale Item

  • In Field and in function pane of the calculation editing window (also in data viewer)
  • In left and right field for field matching
  • In first and second field for value list
  • in right field matching in imports
  • Left script step list in Edit Script
  • In the specify field window for target fied of set field, replace field, go to field (and everywhere you've to select a field)
  • In the perform find / extend /constraint specify window, where you choose a field
  • In the specify sort window where you choose the fields to sort upon
  • In the left field pane in export records view where you choose the fields to exports (left pane) and field export order (right pane) Yes I've export with 100 fields
  • In the Specify Fields dialog when you create a new layout (both in available fields and in fields shonw, left and right pane)
  • In the Add Fields To Portal dialog (at least left pane)
  • In specify fields when you insert a field in layout mode (also form the inspector specify field)
  • In data viewer both in current and watch tab (of course also in the cac field)


Under file manage of course

  • Relationship graph but that's covered in another of my post
  • Fields view in manage database
  • Tables view in manage database
  • Values list view
  • External data sources
  • Custom functions
  • Custome menus : custom menu sets / custom menus


- Search and sorts in Relationship / Valuelist drop down popup menu, yes a real search box, with also sorts, or a small modal window that pops up if there's too much items.

Why do we have to scroll through all that relationships / valulist to get the one we want.


Sort is especillay iuseful to go to the most recently created object