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3 Interesting twists on externally stored container objects?

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Oct 2, 2012
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I have a layout with a field 'container' set to external Open Storage: File is remote hosted using FMSA



In a layout ith this field on it I have a button which executes Set Field[Table::Container;""]


I insert a picture/file/pdf xxx.pdf and commit. A copy of the pdf file and jpg thumbnail are placed in the designated the Open Storage Folder by FMS.


I press my button with the following results


If the container field is optimized for Images (in the Data tab of the Inspector) the both the pdf an jpg are removed form the O.S. folder




If the container field is optimized for Interactive Content only the jpg is removed from the O.S. folder-- the pdf stays put.


I assume this is because the pdf is being "viewed" in the layout in the latter case and is locked against deletion (result is same whether or not the field is active and whether or not it is visible)


So it appears that if you want to script emptying a container field and you want to recover the server storage space then do not have an interactive content optimized occurrence of the field on the current layout.


2 if you 'insert picture' or 'insert pdf' you get jpg thumb of it also (unless its already a jpg). If you insert using 'insert file' you do not get the jpg and cannot interact with a pdf even if in an interactive field'. So if you need the jpg and interaction, script insert pdf or insert picture but script removal using a layout that does not incude an interactive version of the field.


3 If you leave a file which is no longer the target of a container field undeleted in the O.S. Folder , and insert it again, FMS adds _1 to the file name. I will do this even if you first delete the original directly using Finder on the server . (The change of name would be an issue if you plan to directly access the file.) However if you empty the container with no interactive field instance present the file name is not changed.



So here is my question: Does my finding this stuff interesting mean I am a total dweeb?