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    Adjusting File Without Server Edition




      I have a file, currently located on a filemaker server.


      The server needs some down time, but I would like to keep making changes. No other user is currently using the system.


      If I copy the file and begin work I receive a warning about sharing, but otherwise it appears to be OK.


      Is this method of working likely to damage the file in anyway, or am I OK to continue?




      P.S - The other option I thought of would be to run server on my machine as well as the runtime. Any thoughts on this?


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          Opening w/o sharing will not damage the file, but you make yourself more vulnerable. If you have to force quit or it crashes for whatever reason, non-hosted files can become corrupted.

          Best practice is to run FMServer on your developer machine and upload your files there, but this would require a 2nd license for FMserver, except when the server is down while your local version is up.

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            If you're a TechNet member, you can download a developer license of Server as part of your membership.


            Just another option to think about.



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              +1 on that advice. I also run a save-as backup routine (frequently!), if I develop off-server.  Backup being the keyword in any case.


              The other 'gotcha' is to remember to clear global fields as needed before hosting again. Your "test" values, you probably don't want to set as defaults. I have a script that clears all global fields.


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